Saana Azzam

Saana Azzam, graduated from the esteemed Stockholm School of Economics with a Masters in Economics. Her adept skills and knowledge in market analysis, investments, research and finance has earned her the prestigious title of ‘Female Economist of the Year’.  She undertook public speaking assignments in Europe on leadership and leading Generation Y and is listed as one of Sweden’s 101 ‘Supertalents’ in 2012, and recognized as a Top 30 Under 30 influencers in 2015. Saana’s exemplary expertise lies in the Art of Public Speaking and the Art of Sales. She is a certified NLP Practitioner and incorporates this skill-set in her trainings. Her speaking engagements have covered audience sizes from 5 up to 1000 persons and she has presented in Europe and the Middle East with clients such as Ericsson, Spotify, official functions and more.

Saana Azzam took over the responsibilities as Financial Sales Executive of Saxo Bank Middle East since November 2013 and pursued a banking career till 2016. Prior to Saxo Bank, Saana worked in the precious metals industry for the Swiss based company MKS/Pamp in a Business Development role covering institutional clients including Central Banks in the Middle East. She has played a key role as Business Developer in American Express and has also gained market research experience while serving at Barclays Capital as Summer Analyst FX Sales. 

Saana Azzam is the founder of MENA Speakers whose life mission and purpose is to create an improved image of the world through dialogue.
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Paula Statham

Marketing Communications
Manager at CREATIVE ZONE Dubai

I have found Saana to be a most articulate, warm and confident speaker. A successful business woman in her own right and a passionate advocate for Entrepreneurs and Startups. We contracted Saana to act as Moderator for our Business Breakfast Series (Fit For Business & CREATIVE ZONE) and were delighted with the guest feedback and event overall. I have no hesitation in recommending Saana's wide range of services - speaker, management of speakers and sourcing suitable speakers for corporate events in Dubai.

Elin Storm

Avdelningschef Business Navigation
& Operation på IKEA Kållered

I've had the benefit to arrange a conference with Saana as a panel debate leader and leader of two group discussion sessions for HR professionals. Saana took on the assignment with great enthusiasm and she is a bundle of energy that creates a very creative atmosphere. Saana’s professional preparation, her skills in public speaking and her thoughtful ideas contributed to a highly appreciated day amongst the participants. I give Saana my best recommendations for any speaking/moderating assignment.

Julia Martin Wiik

Pursuit Designer, Transaction
Advisory Services at EY

Saana truly demonstrated her superb public speaking skills as a moderator for a panel discussion featuring prominent business leaders. Her preparation and confidence in the given subject and panelists exceeded expectations and certainly made a huge contribution to the event. Articulate, professional and experienced in every way!



If you need a seasoned moderator that has interviewed seasoned CEOs, politicians and experts at local and international events then contact us today. Professionalism all the way.


An inspirational business woman that originates from Palestine and has made it to the top of international business life through preserverance and grit. Book Saana Azzam today, a remarkable storyteller and an a role model.


Public speaking is a skill set required by many professions in many different industries. Generally, public speaking is the act of delivering presentations, lectures, and talks to an audience. Unless your fear and public speaking talent and master the art of Power Presenting.


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