16 ways to Boost the sales of your book.

One of the biggest questions in an author’s mind is “How can I earn more money?” and is closely followed by “How can I get more book sales?”. There are more authors today or individuals with published books, than ever. With over millions of books being published each year the chances an authors’ book gets noticed organically is low, really, really, low.

 Here are the numbers from Publishers Weekly, the American trade magazine providing industry insights to publishers, librarians, booksellers, and literary agents since 1872:

  • The average self-published author sells less than 250 books
  • The average published author sells less than 2,000 books
  • over 70% of books don’t turn a profit for authors
  • Only 62 out of 1000 titles sell more than 5,000 copies

When I read this data initially then my jaw dropped and the numbers tell a story that corresponds with the anecdotal information I have received from authors. 

Here are 15 ways you can use the inner workings of the customer’s brain to your advantage. While hundreds of book sales strategies likely exist, the following 15 will boost your book sales to the next level quickly and efficiently.

  • Offer Added Value:

 If you are selling your book via your own website or through a bookstore you have the control and ability to sweeten the deal by offering valuable extras. Give them a free download, free coaching or a better rate when they book you for a speech, if they buy your book. 

  • Double your book signing sales with BOGO’s 

One of the biggest marketing ideas in recent years has been the concept of Buy One Get One. This can come in a variety of offers from buy one get one free to buy one get one 50% off. But no matter the variety, they all do one thing very well—they drive sales. People must buy more to get the offer, so you get more cash. 

  • Interacting with the Audience.

Book signings or conducting Book Q&A’s allows one to meet and connect with the author, which in turn increases sales. Do a short presentation of the book and give more insight. This allows the people to know the author and get more involved. Reading from your book and having a lively conversation with the people will allow them to resonate with your book more.

  • Enhance Media Coverage:

Consider Aligning yourself with a charity which relates to you and is an active participant in the community you are targeting. Invite charity members as participants. Charitable purpose brings in more media coverage. Or find an organization that would be able to back your message in some other form. 

  • Engage in Bulk Sales. 

When you conduct an event sell the books in 10s , 20s or even as boxes. Work with associations and groups. Ex: in schools PTAs (Parent Teacher Associations), Rotary clubs etc. as they buy in bulk for events they conduct. Know your hard costs, so that you don’t make a loss. Usually it is advised to keep shipping as extra. There should always be a significant discount which grabs the people’s attention. This method saves time and energy, especially for self-published authors. It is also good to lip in an Author/Speaker One Sheet along with each book.

  • Placement of Books at Events:

When conducting an event do not put the book at the BOR (Back of room) unless there is a volunteer.  At the back it tends to be more cluttered, so keep it at the front and people will come to you. You could have a slide, so people at the back can see the cover. Have sticky notes next to the points you think people would resonate most with. Stack them up as a center piece on your table to make it more visually pleasing.  

  • Observances and Holidays:

These are prime dates which can be used to promote your book. Use the observances that relate to your book as a marketing, media and sales angle. You can also get Booked when linked to these prime dates. Linking it to a prime date will increase media coverage. They may conduct interviews, for TV Radio or print as they are looking for a great story to cover

  • Observance calendars such as: timeanddate.com/holidays/united-arab-emirates/ 
  1. Enhance Sponsorship Opportunities:

It is the result of a collaboration or a partnership. Having a good network enhances your chances of getting more corporate sponsors. It’s a two-way relationship where you help the sponsor while the sponsor is helping you. It’s a marketing relationship, Not a Handout, donation, philanthropy or charity. A Sponsorship is a  mutually beneficial relationship and it’s always best to start with people you know and who are close to home.

Why Would a Sponsor Say YES?

  • Your Value: The Value of your speech, Book, and message.
  • Your Audience: The sponsors are interested in the audience you cater to. It helps you align with the right organizations.
  • Your Expertise: The experience that you have enhances your credibility with the sponsor.
  • Your Connections: the networks you belong to.
  • Your Social Following: This shows the sponsor the reach that you have with the community.
  • Your unique way of integrating Sponsors/Partners
  • The Book’s Core Message Should Be Clear:

Pick out one or two of the focal points of your book and state those clearly in the sales headline. Make it clear to your customers EXACTLY what your book is going to do for them and what message will be imparted. Be specific. If your product has multiple messages, create a differentiation so that different customer segments can relate to it.

  • Create articles or Blog to Increase Visibility:

Share the inspiration for your book, reveal tidbits and quotes to give readers a peek inside your book, reprint feedback from readers and reviews. These are all great ideas for blogging to increase visibility for your book while whetting people’s appetites to buy it. Blogging also enhances your interaction with the audience. This can be done through LinkedIn, Medium or your own website. 

  • Press releases and Marketing your book

Write several press releases about your book and send them out using either paid or free services before, during and after your book launches. Don’t forget to send these releases to your local newspapers, trade publications and niche websites, magazines and blogs who also might be interested.

  • Sales or splash pages

These are specially designed web pages filled with sales copy and graphics that promote you, your book and the value it can bring to the reader, as well as giving readers the opportunity to buy your book online. Share links to this page on social media, from your website, blog, in person or on the phone.

  • Build Your Extended Network:

This will ultimately extend the reach of your book and message. It allows you to Leverage the relationships that you have with the community  to market your books and work towards sponsors goals as well.  Through this network you can collaborate and make a more significant impact among your readers. 

  • Network with other authors:

This is always, always a solid book promotion idea. Join online groups, go to writer events, or join local author groups. Networking with other, similar authors is not just good business, but can help you brainstorm new ideas. Plus, you’ll get a chance to see what others are doing that’s working (and what’s not working), and most likely expand your knowledge.

  • Sell through your Social Media

Your social media followers will most likely be the first ones to buy your book because they have a relationship with you. So change the banner of your LinkedIn profile to include your book information, add your book purchase link on your Instagram and create a Facebook fan page. Repeat the message about the book in your Social links this way you will surely get some buyers. Do this in a consistent manner and remind them often about the book. 

Marketing is the primary responsibility of the author. Authors need to establish relationships with publishers with a mutual understanding of roles.

Today the distribution rests in the ability of the author to create awareness amongst their followers.

You took the time to write the book and that is quite often a long process and so now we hope you get a real chance to share it.

Good luck and keep spreading your message to the world. 

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