What Is a Collaborative Book And How Can It Help Your Business?

What Is a Collaborative Book And How Can It Help Your Business?

Do you have an inspiring story to share with the world? How about your expertise, experience, and wisdom? Want to be a published author?

Writing, editing, publishing, and marketing a book is a long, difficult process. Many aspiring authors start and never finish.

What If…

? We made the process almost effortless?

? Instead of writing an entire book, you only had to write a chapter?

? We handle all the publishing and distribution?

? AND you can sell the book yourself and turn a tidy profit?

If you’re interested, I’ve got this new project I’d like to tell you about.

We’ve (as in, MENA Speakers) partnered with a Gulf publishing house for a collaborative book project. A portion of the revenue generated from sales of this book will be donated to charity.

To help us make this project a success, we’re looking for people with inspiring stories to write a chapter for the book.

Will you be one of them?

Before you say yes, I should tell you that there’s an application you’ll need to fill out. And a small fee to participate.

The application and fee are necessary because we only want serious people involved. And to help fund the costs of publishing and distributing the book. FYI if you were to self-publish a book you’d have to invest far more time and money than this.

Do you have questions?

At this point in my pitch, people have questions.

I’ve listed some of the most common ones below. If your question isn’t answered, just pop it in the comments and I’ll answer it.


What Is A Collaborative Book?

It means several authors join together to contribute a chapter and create a story with several voices.

What Do I Need To Do?

You must write your own chapter and provide a bio along with a headshot. It will also be beneficial for you to get on calls with the various experts during this process.

Who Is Behind This Project?

MENA Speakers is partnering with Oyster Press, a Gulf publishing house, for this project.

When Will The Book Be Published?

We hope to get the book published and on shelves by the end of 2019. If you are invited to collaborate on the project, we’ll give you a deadline for submitting the first draft of your chapter.

Why Do People Contribute To A Collaborative Book?

It could be about simply sharing your story. For others, it may be about growing their business by getting more public speaking and media opportunities. Others may use the exposure of being a published author to simply inspire others and make a difference.

Will The Book Be A Best Seller?

If it sells the best then it will be a best-seller. The collective power in promoting it gives us a chance to do that. But you never know with books. So, we cannot promise you awards nor best-seller status. What we are promising you is a chance to spread your message to the world with a group of equally dedicated and inspirational people.

Can I Write My Chapter In Arabic?

Not in this edition but give it your best in English and our editors will be able to help you along the way.

What Is The Book’s Title?

Your Dose of Motivation: Uplifting Stories to Inspire Your Day

If I Contribute To This Book, What’s In It For Me?

? Your name is out there as a published author with a collection of other inspiring writers.

? 10 free copies of the book.

? Discounted rate for more copies.

? Join the launch event in Dubai.

? Contribute to a charity of a great cause through the sales of the book.

Will I Get Royalties From The Book Sales?

You have the option to sell the book yourself at retail price and thus make a profit. Meanwhile, Oyster Press, who are selling and promoting the book, will give 20% of the royalties to a charity that will be announced later in the process.

How Much Must I Invest To Contribute To This Book?

Your investment is 1000 USD+ VAT to participate. This covers getting your chapters edited and proofed. It also gives you the opportunity to attend coaching calls/meetings during this process. All in all, it will help us collectively make this exercise a success.

How Do I Apply To Be A Contributing Author?

Send me a private message on Linkedin and I’ll give you the link to the application.

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